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Small Business Financing Program

Our Small Business Financing Program helps you start or expand your business by providing working capital to you. 它是如何工作的?? You’ll apply for an SBA loan through ACFCU and the 政府ernment will promise to repay a portion of the borrowed money if you start to struggle with repayment. 因为这个保证, these loans are often easier to qualify for than standard business banking loans.*


Small Business Financing Program

ACFCU is a community partner and your source for unique, customized business solutions backed by the Small Business Administration.

Our Small Business Financing Program can be used to:

  • 发展你的业务
  • 创造或保留就业机会
  • 再融资的债务
  • Purchase or refinance real estate
  • 购置楼宇及设施
  • Make improvements to existing facilities
  • 购买长期机械
  • 获得额外库存
  • Acquire new businesses, including franchises
  • 出口货物和服务
  • 和更多的

欲知详情,请浏览 www.小企业管理局.政府 or email your questions to our expert team of lenders at business@thainhi.net1.

特性 & 好处

  • Designed to meet the needs of smaller businesses while carrying many of the benefits of larger business loans
  • Each loan is backed by a 政府ernment guarantee
  • 无需担保
  • Great for younger, growing businesses
  • Lower down payments which mean less funds needed now
  • Longer loan terms to improve cash flow by reducing monthly payment
  • Available to for-profit businesses that normally do not qualify under regular commercial lending standards

ACFCU is accepting applications for all SBA loan types.

  • 504年贷款

    The CDC/504 Loan Program provides long-term, fixed rate financing of up to $5 million for major fixed assets that promote business growth and job creation.

    To be eligible for a 504 Loan, your business must:

    • Operate as a for-profit company in the United States or its possessions
    • Have a tangible net worth of less than $15 million
    • Have an average net income of less than $5 million after federal income taxes for the two years preceding your application

    Read more about 504年贷款 at 小企业管理局.政府.

  • 7 (a)贷款

    The 7(a) loan program is the SBA’s primary program for providing financial assistance to small businesses. The terms and conditions, like the guaranty percentage and loan amount, may vary by the type of loan.

    While the vast majority of businesses are eligible for financial assistance from the SBA, 有些则不然.


    • 为利润经营
    • Be engaged in, or propose to do business in, the U.S. 或者它的领土
    • Have reasonable owner equity to invest
    • Use alternative financial resources, including personal assets, before seeking financial assistance

    Read more about 7 (a)贷款 at 小企业管理局.政府.

  • 小企业管理局快速贷款 & 信贷额度

    The SBA Express program features an accelerated turnaround time for SBA review. The SBA will respond to your application within 36 hours.

    Read more about 小企业管理局快速贷款 & 小企业管理局的信用额度.政府.


  • 出口快递贷款

    The Export Express program provides exporters and lenders a streamlined method to obtain SBA-backed financing for loans and lines of credit up to $500,000. Lenders use their own credit decision process and loan documentation. The SBA will respond to your application within 24 hours.

    Read more about 出口快递贷款 at 小企业管理局.政府.


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